Anthony Gasca

research\art\prototyping _/\/\/\_

+ projects :


Iregular\Festival du Nouveau Cinema 2012 making of (vimeo)↗

interactive sound and visual compositions created with the fountains at Montreals Place des Arts.

tools : REST api (nodejs/redis) > maxMsp


Iregular\Mutek Montreal 2012 making of (vimeo)↗

mutekers in the parc across from S.A.T throw objects from their phone [accelerometer] to a building facade, building collective loops for the night.

tools : nodejs > maxMsp > ableton/modul8


Iregular\Mutek Mexico 2011 making of (vimeo)↗

projected, looping tiles can be remixed with phones accelerometer (mapped to amplitude/velocity). 20 players can engage and remix the 20 tile mosaic.

tools : js/php/mysql > maxMsp > ableton/modul8

+ prototypes :


maxmsp patch app page (↗

an odd patch:
a grid sampler/synth outputs into long horizontal racks (with drag/droppable modules), which are then processed through a stubbier modular rack below.
All controls are OSC mappable.

D.D.P \ Dystopian Data Pack

a portable sketchbook. Its used for experiments with sensors, geotagging (gps module) and filtering/streaming data io (over wifi/3g networks). The enclosures are folded aluminum (soon to be replaced with 3d prints).

Monome clone built with arduino.
Has extra CV inputs for a custom pedal.
Used with 813 patch.

2x TT

a system for performing with spliced records

Records cut into rings are pieced together to form new records. ms.pinky vinyl is used to give maxMsp a control signal.